Wednesday, August 29, 2007

TandT Opens Downtown Store

At last - we have a TandT in Downtown Toronto - a great new reason to visit the portlands. Here's an article in the Toronto Star. It's on Cherry Street and right now it's across from the Cirque de Soliel tents.
Grab some dim sum or sushi (by the piece, even) and sit under an umbrella and view the Toronto skyline at lunch.
I was able to buy sweet macapuno balls from the Phillipines to put over ice cream (it's a jelly-like coconut meat in syrup), baby-soft lychee-mochi from Japan (individually wrapped little 'cakes' that are chewy-yummy) and shaved steak to make Korean bulgogi (and , if I wanted...a premade version of a bulgogi marinade).
Korean Citrus Tea (which is actually yuzu marmelade - and I've hooked my own Mother on it) comes in three different brands.
I'm in Pan-Asian heaven.
Frozen parrotfish, anyone? You can get it here.

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