Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Taiwanese Mochis - Lychee Flavoured

Oh my! - These are so good! I had to go back to our new T and T store (in the Portlands - Toronto's waterfront) and get another box. They are so addictive! Mind you - I like lychee flavour - and these are so soft, chewy and fresh tasting.

They are sort of like mochi, but they pack a bigger punch of flavour - think 'individually wrapped marshmallows' with a fresh fruity lychee taste.

The box says "Mochi-Litchi" in small letters on the front.

You'll find them in the boxed biscuit and cookie aisle (on the west side of the aisle, up high) and they come in durian flavour also - but I'm a little afraid to try them.

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krivers said...

Durian-flavoured food does not have the same punch as real durian -- not even close. It's like the difference between cambozola and gorgonzola! So don't be afraid. Besides, anyone who's tried crickets shouldn't walk away from this one ;)