Saturday, December 22, 2007

Buddah Dog - I'm In Love!

Today I had my first Buddha Dog hot dog - and it won't be the last!

I'm definitely falling in love again. I took pictures of the menu, because I was so enthralled by the place and the nifty little dogs they make, I was too busy looking around and snarfing up my tasty lunch.

These tiny little all-meat dogs show up in just the right amount of a good toasted bread with artisanal cheese - all from Prince Edward County, Ontario. Loads of freshly made sauces to choose from run from sweet to spicy - all of them from a creative kitchen.

I had old cheddar from Black River Cheese in Milford, Ontario with garlic aioli and spicy jerk sauce - WOW!!! Worth the calories, all good stuff! The point is to have a couple (or a few) and get creative with the toppings.

The restaurant is spare and roomy with a huge bar for the dogs. Markers are scattered about the massive/communal tables. It looks like people can drop in for a stay in this true public space. A map of Prince Edward County is high up on a wall so you can see where the dogs, cheese and ingredients come from.

So far, there's only one Buddha Dog in Toronto on Roncesvalles and one on Main Street in Picton Ontario. May there be many, many more.

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krivers said...

I don't understand why a hot-dog that contains meat would be called a Buddha Dog!