Monday, February 16, 2009

Chino Locos Review

Great review of Chino Locos - from the Film Buff on Queen Street East in Toronto.

I read the above review of this new fusion burrito place in Ashbridge's Bay area of Toronto and it made me salivate at the very thought of trying them out. Chino Locos (see their menu at this website) is at 4 Greenwood Avenue, just around the corner from Queen Street East. 

If these guys are crazy - they're crazy like foxes. Three cooks in a hole-in-the-wall smaller than my home kitchen greet you, wave knives and tell you stories while a friendly young lass takes your order. The kids are fresh and the decor fresher - with Lucha Libre masks, local papers and people's business cards pinned to a corkboard.

Read the great review I mentioned for descriptions of the burrito in mouth-watering detail. I won't duplicate it here - but BOY - this is good eats! - fresh and healthy with complex taste combinations that go way beyond Mexican or Chinese. Woooooo!

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