Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bombay Sweets in New Delhi, India

Here's the scene in New Delhi at a 'snacks' place called Bombay Sweets - thought by many to be one of the best in Delhi. One big room was table service and a smaller one had take out. The 'snacks' turned out to be quite a huge meal

We had papri chaat, mixed chaat and dum ki aloo. Papri chat are crispy and hollow. You make a hole in the top and fill from one of the sauces in the metal bowls. Then you crunch it all in your mouth at one time (and try to avoid spilling or spraying). Everything was very freshly made and including the best jalebis I've ever eaten.

Everything was open air and the jalebi fryer was out on the sidewalk. The guy on the right is Ashish - our guide, who coincidentally decided to take us there when we asked for a snack place. We had heard about Bombay Snacks and it was on our list to try to find in Delhi.

Bengali Sweet House 27-37 Bengali Market New Delhi-11001

Phone 23311855, 2319224, 23353310

Google Maps Link

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