Sunday, February 17, 2008

Camel Ice Cream

No - not caramel ice cream - camel. Just outside of Bikaner in Rajastan, India I recently had a truly great ice cream experience - a pistachio and saffron ice cream pop!

Yes, it was really made from camel milk and no cow milk added. How did it taste? - yummy, and very creamy.
The above picture was taken by either Mark or I minutes after the baby camel got up on it's legs for the first time. If you wish to see pictures of the whole progress go to Mark's Bikaner set on Flickr at -

Why they chose the cute little Chinese kids for this sign is a puzzlement.

Worth a trip to Bikaner.


Amorina said...

This is great info to know.

Marwill said...

It was great ice cream - very creamy and I loved the pistachio/saffron flavour. Try it if you are ever at the Pushkar camel sale or the Bikaner station.