Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun in a Can

You can throw that old jar of orangey salty cheese product out now - I have really found the perfect thing to satisfy those processed-cheese cravings.

Just how much fun and satisfaction can be obtained for under $4 anywhere else? This was found at Iqbal Supermarket on Toronto's self-proclaimed "Island" - meaning Thorncliffe Park. Besides being able to pick up your Doon basmati and the best pressed-yohgurt (labneh) in Toronto there, you can find lychee flavoured Jello and other wonders.

But back to the can...

This is a Kraft product made in Australia for the Pakistani (maybe ?) market and is labelled as processed cheddar cheese. Unlike a lot of cheese products one has known (and probably loved as a child, but learned to distain) the first listed item on it's ingredients list is actually cheddar cheese. I don't know Australia's standards for food labelling, but the rest of the list looks like purer, simpler reading to me also.

It's a lot firmer than a rennet cheese like Velveeta and a lot less artificially coloured and salted than Cheese Whiz; but it's a good melter and it really does have a good cheddary taste!

Mmmmmmmmmm! I think I see nachos in my future!

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