Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eating Out of Hand: Great Sandwiches of the GTA

Part One : Pita Grill in Mississauga Falafel Wrap

Here's to the sandwich - when it's done well, it can be a thing of beauty. I've been meaning to start a sandwich series for a while, but when I get one of my favourite sandwiches and drag it back to my car, I never think of getting the camera out.

Well, now it's all going to change. Here's part one of this series and it's actually a wrap. This beauty is from a small place called Pita Grill (perhaps styled after the Manhattan Pita Grills - but not associated) and it's in a plaza in Mississauga that has a Starsky's supermarket and a Mandarin Restaurant on the north side of Dundas Street West (in the 3000s) at Winston Churchill Blvd.

This sandwich is perhaps a little large for me, just bursting with vegetables. This is made up with onions, pickled jalepenos, pink pickled turnip, a salad of cabbage and parsley, tons of tahini sauce and a little hot sauce.

It takes four people to make this packet of goodness -  they pass it along assembly-line style and refine it as it goes. Falafel balls don't get fried on demand during the lunch hours, but are fresh and properly smooshed down by hand - there isn't any air in this pouch of pulchritude.

Gosh, I feel full! - but healthy. ;)

While I'm out here in Mississauga, I also have to pass down one of Mississauga's best bets for lunch. There is a place called Bara's "Hut" Doubles and Roti at Dundas and Camilla (127 Dundas Street East, north side, (905) 281-9368.  If you've never had a 'double' - try one from here first. It will set a standard that will be hard to come up to anywhere else. Google their name and find tons of happy customers raving about them. 

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