Saturday, April 11, 2009

Great Sandwiches of the GTA #2 : The Fish Store

On College Street there is a small, almost triangular spot. I'm not sure I can call it a 'shop' or 'restaurant' - it's almost more like a permanent 'stall' that makes up the most exquisite fish sandwiches. It's called The Fish Store. Follow this link to read even more - I'm not the first to sing it's praises. It's definitely on my top ten sandwiches list.

When you arrive you are asked to pick a type of fish. The fish is out for you to see on the counter, like a fish store. It's hard to pick - it's FRESH! There is also some seafood. When I took the picture above, I had found a plastic seat up against the end wall - you are looking at the entire place. Don't expect to get a place inside to sit when the weather warms up - the lineup will be out the door! There's places to sit outside on picnic tables.

They also make great soups, apparently...but I can never get enough of their wonderful sandwiches. My grouper sandwich today had assorted vegetables and cilantro with a spicy sauce, Sriracha and tabasco were also available. Even the buns are great.

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