Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Scandinavian Fun - Geiranger Pizza

As many of my readers know, we just returned from a trip to Scandinavia. Many fabulous mealswere had. Most of them are almost too grand to speak of in this blog.

To wet my feet, I'll start with something very simple...the pizze we had in Geiranger, Norway.

I usually avoid getting pizza when I travel but after many long weeks of pizzalessness I usually break down and order one somewhere. I remember one with great fondness that I had in a cafe in Luang Prabang in the Lao Republic. It arrived with a tofu cheese, corn kernals, cream and snow peas. The dominant herb was thyme.

I started getting the pizza urge in Geiranger, Norway after long weeks of fabulous seafood and adventuresome cuisine in Sweden, Denmark and Bergen.

Geiranger is a village that hosts thousands of tourists in the summer months. They arrive by cruise ships and buses, caravans, cars and bicycles. The local Joker store posts a list at their front door of the boats arriving on which days, how many people they carry and what language they speak. A large hotel by the harbour has a harbour level cafe which can please everyone's tastes and pizza is quite often involved. We tried two of their special ones.

This one was my choice. The sausage was much like a salami and was made locally - which means that it is goat meat. It came with local apricots halved. Most local fruit this year hasn't gotten very sweet so the tart fruit was sort of refreshing with the slice.

Mark's choice was this reindeer pizza with the reindeer meat appearing much like fajita meat. Red onions and shredded lettuce went over the top and added to the effect. Pretty tasty!

Of course they were far too much for lunch. We doggie bagged the rest and had a feast in our room that night with a bottle of wine and licorice from Stockholm. Now - does it really get any better? Well - stay tuned!

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