Saturday, May 23, 2009

Great Sandwiches of the GTA #5: Mihalis Place

This is the sort of European restaurant that has devoted followers who eat there every day, or have breakfast with friends before work. I'm not sure if it's Polish or Macedonian (?) but the current young ladies serving there seemed to be speaking Polish. Zakopane-like wooden objects are everywhere and  they have Polish beer and Zubruvka which is a sweetgrass-flavoured vodka which young Poles like to drink with apple cider.

Years ago I developed a fondness for a veal on a kaiser sandwich here. It is a very odd sandwich indeed, and one which I have to re-investigate quite often.

First of all - it is small enough for me to eat in one sitting. I love Italian veal sandwiches, but always have to have help with them. Second of all - although it has all the elements of an Italian veal sandwich... white bun, tomato sauce, lightly breaded veal, cheese and does not taste anything like an Italian veal sandwich. I would say the GPS on it's flavour locus would be firmly set in "Middle-Europe". Delicious - and very, very different.

Be prepared to wait a good 20 minutes for this sandwich - it seems to require a long time on the hardtop to develop. They'll ask you to sit down instead of waiting behind the take out window - you'd better do it.

Mihalis Place is at 791 Broadview, north of the Broadview subway on the same side.

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