Friday, January 8, 2010

Scandinavian Dining: Bistro Boheme

Just in case you can't be seated right away - you might take a nap on these plush leather sofas in the entrance to Bistro Boheme - a stylish restaurant in a lovely section of Copenhagen.

It's sort of French Brasserie meets Danish trad - for ladies who lunch, businessmen and couples looking for an open airy place to glitter in.

They really did a good job on the openfaced sandwiches, also. I only wish I could identify them with certainty. You can see from this picture that they aim to serve an arty scattered-style plate with a few exotic touches. This cashew and ruby grapefruit strewn plate has what I believe might me a crab or lobster mousse over the bread.

This is an openfaced duck sandwich. I'm not sure what is in the little pot, but a dressed salad is beside it.

This is most likely herring without which no meal in Scandi is complete.

Check out their website and explore.

Bistro Boheme
Esplanaden 8
1263 København K
Tlf.: 33 93 98 44