Friday, January 8, 2010

Scandinavian Dining: Kanal Kaffeen, Copenhagn Denmark

I'm finally getting around to talking about the wonderful restaurants we ate at in Scandinavia. I'm a little afraid to tackle Noma at this point - so I'm going to start up again with something simple and wonderful.

The Kanal Kaffeen in Copenhagen is the sort of place that serves impeccable openface sandwiches and good aquavit during lunchtime. The aquavit will be plonked down on your table and they'll watch how much of it you actually drink. You can see that we were trying various kinds from this picture. (ahem)

It's a relaxed place where friends can get together by the canal after work or anytime - and everyone's an honorary 'regular'. Apparently it often also has guests from the Christiansborg Palace where parliament is held.

The rabbit warren of tiny rooms looks like it might be below the level of the Frederiksholms Kanal - and it could possibly have been furnished in the time of Hans Christian Andersen by a committee of salty old seamen.

The sandwiches are great! - The eel and scrambled egg one in the picture above didn't last until I took the shot.

The lamb roulepolse was homemade and the shrimp and egg sandwich was without a flaw. The atmosphere was superb! Head for this place for a real Danish experience.

Kanal Cafeen

Frederiksholms Kanal 18
1220 København K
Phone: 33 11 57 70

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