Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Great Sandwiches of the GTA #4: The Black Camel

Here it is - one of the top five sandwiches. This is one serious sandwich. It's the steak sandwich from the Black Camel.

I can hear the wails from every direction - how could I write about The Black Camel and not mention their brisket or pulled-pork sandwiches? Sorry - I almost have to send my resident sandwich-sharer to get any 'alternative' sandwiches here - because if I go there, it HAS to be the steak.

Funny thing - it really isn't a steak sandwich. It's cold, in the usual Camel soft bun and contains tons of thinly sliced rare roast beef. For me it also has to contain arugula and the charmoula mayonnaise, which is a spicy sharp sauce. If I'm really feeling like abandoning all reservations, I also have the fontina cheese.

The Black Camel doesn't really have a sign, just a black flag with a white outline of a camel on it. Nice grocery bags with this same drawing can be bought at the counter. The window signage announces the fact that it's a cafe and that sandwiches can be obtained. 

The inside may indeed have a few seats taken up with young ladies from Branksome Hall in their plaid kilts. One can overhear orders coming in on the phone for 50 sandwiches at a time - probably finding their way down to FilmPort. Wide eyed newbys gaze in amazement at the menu on the blackboard. You can look at a book of historical pictures of Rosedale while you wait in line.

Last summer when we were having our house painted I had many philosophical discussions on the merits of the various Camel sandwiches with the painting crew. If you can't find this little gem - stop and ask any painter or home renovator in Rosedale. It's right across from Rosedale Subway station just off Yonge Street.

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